Concrete Overlay
Concrete Overlay is where Polymer is added to the cement mix and can be applied in very thin layers or up to several inches thick without delamination or failure, unlike standard concrete and cement mixes. When Concrete Overlays are used, an overlay can add function as well as beauty to concrete.

Why floor owners like polished overlays

Polished overlays, in most cases, are used to cover up problem floors and achieve a seam-free, perfectly smooth surface.  In some cases, the owner wants to enhance an existing floor with decorative saw-cuts or get a terrazzo-like finish by seeding the overlay with colored aggregate. Cement Overlays can be dyed in select colors and enhanced by polishing or adding high quality concrete sealers. Colors may be added integral or with a penetrating stain that is applied by sprayer or micro fiber.

A polished overlay will let us provide the polished concrete look for a client but without the underlying slab imperfections showing through.

How durable and long-lasting is a concrete overlay? 

Concrete overlays are very strong reaching strengths up to 7,500 PSI (pounds per square inch).  When an overlay is applied properly and well-protected by polishing, adding sealer or  a epoxy coating, it should last indefinitely, even under heavy foot or vehicle traffic. On floors, the use of a floor wax or polish can provide extra protection in high-traffic areas. The key is to reapply the sealer or wax if it begins to show some wear. Otherwise, wear patterns may begin to show, especially in colored surfaces.


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