Acid Staining

Acid stained concrete is popular for both residential and commercial establishments. The process uses special acids that chemically alters the overall color, giving dull, old concrete a new shine and a modern look.

Choosing Acid Stain Colors:

Be sure to take natural lighting into account when select a color for your floor. If the room has very little natural light you may want to choose a lighter color or use the darker colors as an accent stain. Always keep your color scheme in mind. Exact color matches are difficult to achieve with acid stain so it is best to select complementary colors if you choose to use multiple colors.

While there are other flooring options available at a comparable price, here is a list of pros and cons to consider before investing in acid-stained concrete.


  • Concrete stains come in different shades (pastels, neutrals, and deep tones), which add to the beauty of your floor. Instead of installing new flooring, we at DNA Restoring Concrete can enhance the original look of the floor.
  • Acid-Stain is relatively cost-effective in comparison to other flooring options. Concrete staining allows you to make the most out an older floor, instead of investing in new carpet, installing tiles, or laying hardwood on top of worn concrete.
  • Combine with Other Flooring Finishes – For areas with high traffic, applying stain before the concrete polishing process helps to achieve a durable, glossy finish.  To protect the acid-stained surface from stains and scratches we can also use a clear urethane coating.


  • Does not Cover Imperfections – The imperfections of your floor, like cracks and discoloration, are not improved by acid staining, which is why it’s essential to prepare the floor before treating the surface with acid stain. If you are dealing with an unevenly colored floor, it may be easier to look into other flooring options.
  • Purely Aesthetic – Staining the concrete does not improve the durability of the floor or its resistance to spills, stains, and abrasions. If you are looking to protect your floor, combine acid staining with another method, like polishing or a clear coat of epoxy.

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